impeachment farce

The only thing every media source is talking about right now is how Donald Trump is the first president to be impeached for a second time.  The problem is, each impeachment has failed and been a farce.

What has actually happened, is that the Democrats have used their majority in the House of Representatives to force through baseless indictments against Trump to push their political opposition.  Not only is this an abuse of power and an absurd use of the impeachment process, but an indictment is not a verdict. 

Anyone can be charged with any crime, however it is the basic principle of freedom that the accused is to remain guilty until proven innocent in a court of law.  In the case of impeachment, Donald Trump was not convicted of the first charges, and will not be convicted this time either.

The Senate is out to recess and does not have the time to hold a hearing on the matter until after Trump leaves office.  Even with the 50/50 split in the Senate, a super majority required to convict will not be met.  This makes the House decision to invoke impeachment without any hearing of their own purely a political charade with zero meaning. 

This is a Direct Violation of Free Speech

This impeachment farce is based on the allegation that President Trump actually incited violence and insurrection.  Go ahead and read the indictment for yourself.

President Trump never once called for insurrection.  In fact, he was emphatically clear when he urged protestors to march both peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol to make their voices heard.

This not only rebukes the call for violence but also lays roots directly to the exact purpose of the First Amendment.  At the time that Donald Trump finished his speech, the House and Senate had recessed from certifying the electoral votes in order to debate objections to the certification of votes from Arizona. 

Marching to the Capitol is a constitutional redress of grievances under the right to assembly.  This is done to show support or opposition to actions being taken.  In this case, it would have been to oppose the certification of votes from certain states and support the objections that were under way.  This proves the impeachment indictment is a farce and the only mission here is to continue the assault on our freedom of speech.

If stating that the election was rigged – which is also protected political speech – then Nancy Pelosi herself belongs impeached. 

Political Violence is Bad – Period

The violence that erupted – while President Trump was speaking and before the majority made their way to the Capitol – effectively removed support of the objections and stopped any chance of a congressional investigation. 

News Analytics was critical of the violence used by Black Lives Matter, and does not support the violence that took place at the Capitol.  We did not discuss the presence of outside influences during BLM demonstrations to instigate riots and we will not do that for this instance either. 

The use of violence to achieve political means does not have a place in a peaceful and civilized society.  This is not an online RPG, and this is not a fantasy to be lived out through social media.  Understand, that there is a point where violence becomes the reality and if that point is reached then there is no turning back.  We do not wish to see that happen to this country.

It has not been independents, or even republicans, or Trump supporters that have been calling for violence.  It has repeatedly and habitually been the democratic left.  If Donald Trump can be impeached for calling for a peaceful march, then how do you explain this?

By Josh Earwood

Josh has been an activist, citizen journalist, and commentator since 2013. He spent two years as a broadcast journalist, and has written for various groups in various capacities over the years. He has always been vocal, encouraging others to understand what is going on in the world around them.

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