got zukked

Got Zukked?  A term referring to a deletion or ban from Instagram and Facebook.  A page on Instagram is working to reunite Liberty and AnCap oriented pages with their former followings.

The page zukkerbarn has promoted nearly 50 pages that have been removed for violating terms and conditions.  In the age of censorship by big tech, it is important now more than ever to promote each other.  We cannot rely on algorithms to give us a fair voice,  and we certainly have to think twice before paying to promote that post. 

Have you got zukked and are looking to regain your following?  Send your information over to zukkerbarn.

While you’re there, be sure to follow us across all platforms.

Disclaimer:  News Analytics has no affiliation with zukkerbarn or their content.  We were made aware by other liberty focused individuals.

By Josh Earwood

Josh has been an activist, citizen journalist, and commentator since 2013. He spent two years as a broadcast journalist, and has written for various groups in various capacities over the years. He has always been vocal, encouraging others to understand what is going on in the world around them.

One thought on “Got Zukked? Liberty Pages Working Together After Bans”
  1. Hi this is ZukkerBarn,
    I saw the article you wrote about me and I’d like to give you an update and a good history of this whole situation.

    People within the Liberty Community of varying conservative ideologies were banned in a series of sweeping “banwaves”. Banwaves began 1 to 2 months post the VA gun rally. Every once in awhile a few people would go down for “Community Guidelines Violations”. July was the first serious wave, which was a multiplatform role out of censorship. That’s when people went to Parler. But the big take down of the banwaves that are still ongoing as far as we know, or what we have given the moniker “The Zukkening”, began in late October, the week of Halloween.
    Toosavageforstatists got zucked around October 8 told another account and that account rededicated one of his backup pages and called it called ZuccFarm. They posted pics of animals and in the caption they informed people of the old zucked account and the person’s new account. They got zucked by October 29th
    I found out about this early on through a network of friends. On the 29th of October I took a small meme page I ran on the side of my personal Instagram account and repurposed it to help the crumbling liberty community.
    I started by making some propaganda posts to inform people about the change in direction for the account and I changed the name to Zukkerbarn. I then started spreading my propaganda posts telling people to create new accounts. My first plan was posting screenshots of zucked people’s new accounts and putting their old @ in the caption. Instagram started weaponizing this against us with their banwaves which last 8 hours, or a work day and the banwaves only occured on weekdays. When I realized this I started creating a spreadsheet of the zucked accounts and only spread it through DM. At some point google censored @zukkerbarn search results. I got a message from a follower telling me about an alternative platform called Parler and I made a post telling people to move over there ASAP. have since been zucked on both my politigram and my personal account. The best way to follow me is on Parler that is where I’m still trying to keep everyone together. If you want to follow up, email me at .

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