resolution to remove pelosi

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Georga) has said that he is introducing a resolution to remove Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house.

Citing her mental fitness, it is clear that something is going on with Pelosi, though what exactly that may be we do not know.  She recently did an interview with Good Morning, Sunday Morning where she appeared to have “glitched” during the interview.  Roughly six and a half minutes into an interview, Pelosi responded to a questions by reverting back to “good morning, Sunday morning,” then picked back up with the point she had wanted to make.

In a more recent interview, Pelosi seemed to have lost her temper with Wolf Blitzer of CNN, who actually had the courage to be a reporter for once and call Pelosi out on blocking stimulus packages for Coronavirus relief.  Contrarily, the narrative has been on Trump blocking a relief package completely ignoring the fact that Democrats have repeatedly blocked stimulus packages. 

Pelosi clearly was upset with Wolf for daring to assert that relief for the people forced into unemployment and economic lockdowns was more important than the political games the Speaker is trying to play.  She even went so far as to repeatedly call Wolf an apologist for the Trump administration which is delusional in and of itself. 

It is clear that the leadership of Pelosi has had the sole purpose of ending the Trump administration at all cost.  Unfortunately, the play of politics in this role has meant that the cost has been the health of the American people, the health of the American economy, and the well being of American families. 

A resolution to remove Pelosi as Speaker of the House seems like a more than appropriate response to this behavior. 

By Josh Earwood

Josh has been an activist, citizen journalist, and commentator since 2013. He spent two years as a broadcast journalist, and has written for various groups in various capacities over the years. He has always been vocal, encouraging others to understand what is going on in the world around them.

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