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The Chinese city of Qingdao is testing 9.4 million people for COVID19 in the span of 5 days.  That is testing the entire population of the city, after 6 new cases were recently confirmed according to Marketplace

While it is hard to pinpoint what specific test the Chinese government is utilizing, it would make sense that they would deploy the LFIA rapid antibody testing that they have developed.  These tests assert to provide a qualitative detection, which is a significant difference from the PCR and rapid antigen test kits that are not qualitative and have resulted in incredibly high false positive rates

Wuhan, which has a higher population, went through similar testing.  CBS reports:

Officials in Wuhan, which has a slightly larger population, said all of its citizens were tested in just 10 days earlier this year, when it tackled a resurgence of the virus.

For many, the news of new cases, even after almost two months without any, may come as little surprise. The entire country recently came back to work after an 8-day national holiday that saw millions of Chinese on the move.

In many western nations such as the United States, cases of COVID19 have been used to press the need for continued lockdown, despite a low fatality rate of 0.6%

This has lead to speculation that false positive results and double counting of positive cases due to repeated testing until a negative result is obtained to be used to justify further infringements on freedom.  We have already heard the narrative that things will never ultimately go back to normal, with speculation of forced vaccination on the horizon

Contact tracing is already a privacy concern for many, and not just in America.  Taiwan has actually put anonymity at the forefront of its contact tracing efforts. 

But for the rest of us, the concept of forced testing of an entire population, tracking our every move, and citizen report hotlines looks more and more like erosion to liberty.

By Josh Earwood

Josh has been an activist, citizen journalist, and commentator since 2013. He spent two years as a broadcast journalist, and has written for various groups in various capacities over the years. He has always been vocal, encouraging others to understand what is going on in the world around them.

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