putin trolls democrats

Russian President Vladimir Putin trolls Democrats in an extensive TV interview.

Speaking on Russiya TV, he claimed that Democratic Socialist values are what gave birth to communism in the first place.  As quoted by Newsweek, Putin said:

“The Democratic Party is traditionally closer to the so-called liberal values, closer to social democratic ideas,” Putin said. “And it was from the social democratic environment that the Communist Party evolved.”

“After all, I was a member of the Soviet Communist Party for nearly 20 years” Putin added. “I was a rank-and-file member, but it can be said that I believed in the party’s ideas. I still like many of these left-wing values. Equality and fraternity. What is bad about them? In fact, they are akin to Christian values.”

Sadly, and not surprising, this is being presented in media as a form of Russia interference in the election, which we’ve discussed the ridiculousness of before.

Whether sincere, or attempting to mock Biden, Putin is sure to have some understanding of what dealing with a Biden administration would be like.  Having dealt with the Obama administration, and now the Trump administration, any foreign power is sure to have their preference.  The media doesn’t label opposition to the re-election of Trump as meddling, either.

Remember, it was Obama who said we needed to strengthen relations with Russia.  In 2009 he called for a reset, and relations with Russia took a more positive position until the annex of Crimea

Regardless of his intention, the fact remains that Putin trolls of the Democrats only reflects the extreme measures the party has moved towards. 

By Josh Earwood

Josh has been an activist, citizen journalist, and commentator since 2013. He spent two years as a broadcast journalist, and has written for various groups in various capacities over the years. He has always been vocal, encouraging others to understand what is going on in the world around them.

2 thoughts on “Putin Trolls Democrats For Communist Values”
    1. Trolling doesn’t automatically mean there’s no legitimacy to the content. There’s no possible way he said this without knowing it would illicit a certain reaction, i.e. labeling as Russia meddling

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