First Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate between President Trump and Former Vice President Biden was an all around disaster for everyone involved. 

President Trump came out with a fiery passion, that resembled that of a high energy child, while Biden had trouble keeping up, often looking like a deer in the headlights without a child to sniff.  Even the moderator couldn’t be taken seriously in his attempts to assert authority and maintain control in what was obviously an unhinged debacle.

It was not without it’s humor though.  President Trump made several references early on to Biden operating out of a manifesto.  Eventually Biden shot back that there “is no manifesto,” which Trump was waiting for. 

“Well you just lost the left.”  Trump was referring of coarse to the communist manifesto, echoing the sentiments of riots encouraged by the Black Lives Matter organization. 

Trump also levied attacks towards Biden, and a constant barrage of interruptions that did nothing but make him resemble a child not getting his way.  When addressing the responses taken to the pandemic, Trump attacked Biden’s character to say “you couldn’t do what I did, it’s not in your blood.”

Even the moderator laughed at an interruption by Trump who alleged the lack of crowds at a Biden campaign event was due to lack of support.

As far as policy is concerned, we have talked at length about the dangers of packing the supreme court.  Biden was called out for having dodged the question in the past, and tonight was no different.  After having been confronted by the moderator, Biden began to sidestep the question but was met with interruption.

“No, I’m not going to answer the question,” a frustrated Biden insisted.  He continued on by drawing from the alleged negligence of the Trump Administration by referencing the Trump Tapes.  He suggested he would allow the money allocated by the Cares Act to supply equipment and support businesses, and blamed Trump for the failure of Congress to reach a second stimulus deal that senate Democrats continue to block

The debate continued much of the same, with each side insisting that the facts of the other side are wrong.  Trump continuously interrupted Biden, who seemed to lose all train of thought with each interruption.

Trump touted progress made on developing vaccines, and  having the military on stand by in order to aid distribution.  Biden insisted that a vaccine approved by Trump would not be safe, because Trump contradicts what the media-approved experts have said. 

Biden also compared the economy to being a “K” shaped economy.  This was apparently to highlight the struggles of the working class and small businesses, while corporate giants saw profits grow exponentially.  The problem here is that he attributed this to tax code and Trump’s economy, which is vehemently untrue.  The economic shift that he was referring to was a direct result in the economic and social lock down negligently imposed by governments across the country. 

Amusingly, when the alleged $750 income tax was brought up, Biden attributed this manipulation of the tax code to Trumps tax policy.  Apparently, Biden was not familiar with the fact that this reflected the 2016 and 2017 tax years which operated under tax code put forth under the Obama administration. 

When it came to race tensions, Trump no doubt took the upper hand.  He acknowledged that he would condemn white supremacy, however it was greatly overshadowed when he stated that the violence being seen has been coming from the left.  He also slammed Biden for his 1994 crime bill and labeling minorities as Super Predators.

This was met with Biden’s highlight as well.  Speaking on police reform and accountability, Biden had all the perfect rhetoric for a person like myself who wants to see higher accountability and systemic reforms in community police departments.  However, I remember what happened under President Obama and Vice President Biden, where we were paid this same lip service but met with detrimental policy instead. 

Biden also doubled down on his insistence that there has been zero evidence of mail-in voter fraud.  Reports that have surfaced over the last week show quite the contrary.

Both candidates stated that they do not want to see more civil unrest after the election.  It has become clear, as we have reported time and time again, that this election will be drawn out and contested. 

This concludes the first presidential debate.  The next debate will be between Vice Presidential candidates on Wednesday, October 7.  I have little faith it will be any more valid than tonight, but I wouldn’t expect as high of an entertainment value either. 

By Josh Earwood

Josh has been an activist, citizen journalist, and commentator since 2013. He spent two years as a broadcast journalist, and has written for various groups in various capacities over the years. He has always been vocal, encouraging others to understand what is going on in the world around them.

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