covid19 is used to take rights

COVID19 is used to take rights, and this is being demonstrated more and more.

Conspiracy Theorists have been mocked about the abuse of power they warned would come from succumbing to the coronavirus lockdown.  Every response from “it’s just a mask,” to “that would never happen,” have been levied in response.

So let us take a quick moment to look at a few cases, and let you decide for yourself what is and is not justified.

Teen arrested for going to school on virtual day

As Fox News reported, Maverick Stow was first suspended, then arrested, for the crime of showing up to school on the wrong day.  He wasn’t breaking and entering – school was in session.  He wasn’t trespassing, he is a student.  However due to COVID19 regulations, he was restricted from in-person attendance except on specific days.  Having a strong conviction that he should be attending school as a normal student, he acted in defiance of regulations by simply going to class.  He now has a suspension on his permanent record, and an arrest on his criminal record.

Waco Texas police officer acts with wild abuse of authority over a mask

A man in Waco Texas uploaded a video of his own camera after a police officer saw him in a convenient store without a mask.  Waco has passed a city ordinance mandating a mask inside public spaces.  The order, according to Waco Tribune, can fine a business for not requiring masks be worn by employees and customers.  Businesses in violation can receive a $1,000 fine, however there was no fine or enforcement included in the ordinance for individuals without a face covering.

What’s even more interesting, is after digging up the order itself, the enforcement authorization specifically exempts face coverings for the general public.  So the officer wasn’t even enforcing anything that he had legal authority to enforce.

Children have cops called on them for toy guns in home

Courtney Lancaster’s son was attending his 5th grade zoom class when a BB gun was spotted hanging safely on the wall behind him. 

Dani Elliot’s 12 year old boy decided to play with his toy gun during zoom class.

Both incidents resulted in schools taking drastic measures, sending police over to investigate and search their homes.  Not only is this a very disturbing insight into what interests and priorities schools may have with this new in-home view, but it is a violation of the parents 4th amendment rights.

This is an international issue

These are just a few cases of the many that occur on a regular basis.  What started out as a simple couple of weeks at home has turned into 6 months of house arrest for much of the world.  It is not surprising in the least that people are fed up and ready to get back to their lives.  But just as we have seen here in the USA, you can’t ride a train in the UK or simply be outside in Australia without facing physical attacks by law enforcement.

So yes, it is very clear that COVID19 is used to take your rights.  It is being used to control the way we live our lives.  This is not an abundance of caution.  This is shameful.


By Josh Earwood

Josh has been an activist, citizen journalist, and commentator since 2013. He spent two years as a broadcast journalist, and has written for various groups in various capacities over the years. He has always been vocal, encouraging others to understand what is going on in the world around them.

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