phone records wiped

Phone records wiped of all data and restored to factory settings were turned into the Department of Justice as evidence in an investigation.  In 2019, the DOJ launched an investigation into the origins of the multi year Russia Investigation against president Trump.

Records originally requested two years ago by Judicial Watch have now been published, and an email string shows the data was wiped on more than 20 devices. 

This story originally broke on Twitter, by Sean Davis of The Federalist

Ironic enough, wiped phone records sounds a lot like wiped email servers – a subject that turned out to be a topic of Muellers investigation into Trump, rather than into Hillary.  In fact, the Hillary email scandal ended with a punchline when then FBI Director Comey declared that a crime had been committed, but it wasn’t on purpose so it was okay.  It will be interesting to see what the DOJ does with this information moving forward.  

You can read The Federalist article on this matter here.  Below you can read the files from the Department of Justice for yourself.

By Josh Earwood

Josh has been an activist, citizen journalist, and commentator since 2013. He spent two years as a broadcast journalist, and has written for various groups in various capacities over the years. He has always been vocal, encouraging others to understand what is going on in the world around them.

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